Take a friend snowmobiling week 2023

2023-02-12 - 2023-02-18


The Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign is all about introducing non-snowmobilers to our winter recreation of choice. Research has found that many people who do not snowmobile indicated they would be interested in trying snowmobiling, but don’t know where or how to start. One of the best ways to get these people onto a snowmobile is to simply have a friend who does snowmobile offer to take them out for a ride and show them what it’s all about (and how much fun it can be). This encourages more people to come out and try it and also offers them a fun chance to give snowmobiling a try before committing thousands of dollars to snowmobiles and accessories. Before you go out with a new rider make sure to cover all the safety basics. Some points to cover include: Proper operation of the brake and throttle Shifting weight and slowing down in curves Staying on the right hand side of the trail Things to check on the machine to make sure it's in good working order Make sure your friend is appropriately dressed Always ride sober A key ingredient to a good time for a first time snowmobiler is to make sure they're comfortable when they first get on. You need to be cautious and ride slow when taking out a new rider. You should plan on making numerous stops and enjoying the scenery. It is always recommended that the first ride be rather short and include a stop for a light meal or warm drink along with some camaraderie at a snowmobile shelter, local restaurant, or outdoor area.

, SK Canada
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2023-02-12 - 2023-02-18
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